The GAA Advisory Committee on COVID-19 met on Saturday morning and made a number of changes to the return to play timetable which had previously been published.

This was done in light of Friday’s more general relaxing of restrictions by the Government.

Clubs will return earlier to training for adults this Wednesday and fo all underage teams on the weekend.

Contact training will still be held back until Monday 29th.

Everyone returning to training will have to have completed the GAA’s eLearning module and there is a comprehensive programme of supervision and health procedures which will be put in place by all teams as well.

There are a number of differences relating to teams playing and training in Northern Ireland.

All of the changes have been endorsed and communicated by each of the GAA, Ladies Gaelic Football and Camogie Associations.

Club Fixtures will now commence two weeks earlier than originally planned, on July 17th but no change has been made to the plans for Inter-County Championships with October 17th still in the diary as the date for commencement there.

The full list of changes put out on Saturday by the GAA are as follows:

This week:

  • Open pitches for Adult training next Wednesday, June 24th.
  • Open for Minor and below from Saturday, June 27th.
  • Both of the above on a non-contact basis and on the understanding that players and all participants have completed the eLearning module and are following the control measures in place (health questionnaire etc).
  • On the basis of a maximum of 15 players in a designated area of the field (26 Counties) and 10 players in a designated area of the field (6 Counties).
  • Coaching numbers for underage teams to be consistent with Code of Behaviour.

From June 29th:

  • Allow contact training and challenge games for all from Monday, June 29th (26 Counties).
  • We await guidance from the NI Executive in relation to 6 Counties – non-contact training in the numbers outlined above in the interim.
  • We also await clarification on what will constitute a close contact versus a casual contact.
  • Restriction on participants only attending training sessions to be relaxed from June 29th – subject to government specified maximum of 200 people in the ground.
  • Allow Club Fixtures from Friday July 17th.
  • No change to inter-county dates (Sept 14th for training; competitions to start on Oct 17th as planned).
  • All control measures for players, coaches and other team personnel (completion of health questionnaire, eLearning education etc) is to remain in place until advised otherwise; dressing rooms to remain closed until July 20th
  • The Advisory Committee is considering the position in relation to other GAA buildings (such as Club bars that are serving food, Gyms, Handball alleys etc). Guidance will be provided in this context before June 29th.