Sport for Business will be part of an Innovation seminar for Irish sporting leaders at the Sport Ireland campus today.

Innovation funding is one of the key streams in the money made available by Sport Ireland through the Dormant Accounts Fund and this will be an opportunity to outline what innovation can look like in a sporting environment.

We look forward to meeting with many of our members at the event and will be speaking as part of a panel discussion and then reflecting on some of the ideas to come forward from a workshop session that will be part of the day.

The session will include National Governing Bodies and Local Sports partnerships from around the country and promises to be a day of real ‘heads up thinking’.

We will carry a report on the day on Sport for Business on Monday.

Next week, we will also announce details of a Sport for Business Members Round Table on Technology and Sport at an exciting new venue towards the end of April and we will also reveal the creation of a new network that will be right on point for the discussions taking place today.


Image Credit: Sport Ireland