Sport for Business and 2Into3 have launched a new Sports Club Development webinar series which is being rolled out across multiple different sports and local sports partnerships over the coming months.

There are five different sessions within the series focusing on Grant Applications, Sponsorship, Fundraising, Communications and Strategic Planning.

Since 2014, 2into3 has helped over 300 clubs with their plans for growth. From fundraising to strategic planning, they have successfully aided National Governing Bodies, Local Sports Partnerships and Sports Clubs fulfil their potential.

Since March 2020, 2into3 has delivered over 30 webinars dedicated to Sports Clubs, with attendees in excess of 2,000.

Sport for Business has worked with 2Into3 in delivering a number of sessions including the ‘Help for What Matters’ series where we travelled to Rugby clubs across each of the four provinces to deliver sessions that attracted club officers at every level of the game.

This promises to be a well-timed initiative to help clubs set their priorities for a period of recovery from the challenges of the last year.

The sessions will be virtual and will take place in early evening time slots.

If you would like to know more about how to host the series for clubs in your sport, or in your local area, the initial contact should be made through Patricia Keenan or on +353 (86) 065 7347.


Sport for Business Partners