We were pleased to play a part in the launch today of the new strategic plan for Cricket Ireland, the ambition for which is to create a Cricket Island.

That single phrase has a nice turn to it and the organisation is now in a good position to begin to benefit from its position as one of the top 12 cricket playing nations in the world.

We interviewed CEO Warren Deutrom for the launch, in a socially distanced manner and you can get a flavour for what is in the plan below.



Warren reveals the thinking behind why this is a three-year plan, as part of an overall ten-year approach and how it will in future be tied into the funding cycle of the international Cricket Council.

We talk about the ambition for all senior teams to qualify for each World Championship that they can over the coming years, and at a particular emphasis in the plan for girls and Women’s cricket.

Marketing plays a big part and increasing the visibility of the games comes into the conversation, as well as the prospect of a new national stadium at the Sport Ireland Campus.

You can read a full copy of the plan at www.cricketisland.ie and we have also included some of the statistics that give a clear indication of how the sport is moving very much in the right direction.



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