The appetite for sport, even in the most unusual of circumstances was evident in the US over the weekend when the record for viewing figures of the NFL Draft was smashed.
The Draft is normally a glitzy affair with the cream of young College Footballers selected in turn to be offered multi-million contracts by NFL franchises.
The deliberation of coaching teams and the reaction of players and fans make for a regular viewing highpoint of the year for ESPN with a previous record of 12.4 million viewers set in 2014.
The opening night of this year’s draft was held virtually from dining rooms and basements across the country presenting a bizarre experience but one which drew an average audience of 15.5 million and a peak just before 9 pm of 19.6 million people tuned in to watch a series of zoom and skype calls.
With 3.2 million having tuned in over previous weeks to watch virtual F1 racing played on Playstations form the homes of drivers like Charles LeClerc, the famine of live sporting action has led to attraction in the strangest of places.
Diving into the archives to reproduce classic sporting moments has drawn hundreds of thousands of viewers to RTÉ, TG4, Virgin Media and Sky in recent weeks but who knows what the audience will be like when actual live sport returns in a couple of weeks as is planned to be the case behind closed doors in the German Bundesliga.
The numbers for those games in Ireland under normal circumstances would have been modest enough but these are far from normal and it will be interesting to track the appeal of sport in any form as the TV pictures come in from Munich and Hamburg.
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