Each year a group of friends and colleagues with an interest in the NFL pit our wits against each other in a forecast competition based on selecting the results of each week’s NFL schedule.

It’s a competition which has now been running an incredible 30 years having been established by John Bateson of IIU and it is good fun for those who like to follow the action from the NFL.

Last year’s competition was won by Richard Martin and the two before that by Jamie Collins from Dell and the year before by Brian Moran from Davy.  Yours truly came plumb last in the last campaign but I’m bouncing back for more.

This year, who knows it could be you.

You get bragging rights and a small memento trophy if you win but above all else it’s a great way to enjoy the season if you like following the Raiders or the Redskins, the Patriots or the Panthers.

This year we are reintroducing cash prizes for weekly winners as well as an entry fee of €20 to cover the whole season.  We’ll email details once we have you registered.  The season kicks off on Thursday, September 6th.

If you’d like to join us, you can enter your details here.

New Players: Enter the Sport for Business No Huddle Pool here

Players from Previous Years: Do NOT join again. Just log in to your account from last year.
If you don’t get to enter your picks on any given week then the machine assigns you the favourites so you won’t lose to much ground.  We have occasional spot prizes for weekly performances and it’s all good fun.

See you in the huddle.


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