Today’s Sport for Business Daily Video is of the winning entry in the final monthly competition by AIG and 20X20 encouraging girls to show their sporting skills.

The August winner is Zara, age 12 who lives in Tallaght where she plays for her local St Marks GAA Club.

Their pitches sit side by side with the school where Dublin Ladies Football Manager Mick Bohan teaches and the skills she shows in the video below would not be out of place on his team.

Then again, she is multi-talented, showing as much skill with hurl as boot and a degree of sassiness in the style with which she celebrates that marks her down as one confident young lady.

Well done Zara and all the winners over the past six months.  The campaign set out to show that skill is not determined by gender but by practice and that certain something which elevates the very best at this point in their development.