Guinness has formally launched the new ‘Don’t Jinx It’ campaign which we brought to you on Monday.

The ad is “a playful yet passionate call to action for the people of Ireland to rally behind their team.”

With most games focused on weekends during the seven weeks of the tournament, publicans are ramping up for a busy autumn though some are bemoaning the fact that games are all together and not spread wider which might have been better for the quieter midweek period.

Guinness is the main active promoter of the tournament so far with publicans we spoke to registering little activity from the tournament’s official beer partner Asahi.

Launching the new campaign with a nationwide apology, Brian O’Driscoll owned up to his potential role in the team’s previous defeat. The truth? Yes, he may have jinxed it. He boldly declared Ireland would go all the way on a podcast.

“As a proud Guinness Ambassador and a former player, I am calling on the people of Ireland, to stand with us in the ‘Don’t Jinx It’ campaign. Learn from my mistake and help me spread the word across the nation. It’s okay to dream big – just remember, don’t tempt fate, don’t jinx it!”

“This isn’t just a sporting moment; this is one of the key highlights in the country’s social and cultural calendar, something we can all get behind,” said Alan McAleenan, Marketing Director of Guinness Ireland.

“At Guinness, we’re fans first, we will do anything we can to give our side an edge and that’s why we’re delighted to launch the Don’t Jinx It campaign – it’s practically a public service mission. And even though we are currently ranked number one in the world, well, I won’t tempt fate!”

The Guinness ‘Don’t Jinx It’ campaign will run throughout September and October, featuring a brand-new TV ad and a nationwide poster presence.