Over the weekend we have been taking a look at the research that has come back from the survey of Sport for Business members as part of the Onside Covid-19 Sports Impact Monitor.

We will carry the details tomorrow in an extended interview with John Trainor and the Onside team and it will be well worth the time to tune in.

The findings give us pointers as to the shifts in the fears and concerns, as well as the opportunity windows that have changed over the eight weeks between the first and second waves.

There is optimism in one key sector of potential partnership in a post COVID world but there will be many challenges in getting through the coming months.

In total 104 of our Member organisations have contributed their thoughts and feelings about the sector and their own part in it.

The data will be broken down in terms of the views of rightsholders, sponsors, and agencies and will present a valuable snapshot of where we are today.

The full report will be made available to all those who took part.  We will point out a number of the key findings in tomorrow’s Sport for Business Daily Interview and throughout the week.

It will provide the clearest guide yet to how we are all doing and where we believe we will be heading over the next twelve months.