The Gaelic Players Association has unveiled a new way in which it explains, presents and delivers the support services it offers to 4,000 inter-county players around the country.

BEO360 brings together the four pillars of support that the GPA provides in life skills, career development, the transition from playing and wellbeing.  Beo is the Irish word for ‘Live’ and a good indicator that this is an ‘always on’ platform.

It has been created visually, and to excellent effect, by Branding Sport who also provided the branding for Volleyball Ireland as part of a 2020 competition through Sport for Business.

“This was the right time to review the current inter-county playing environment and take advantage of new opportunities to support members that have come to the fore during the pandemic,” said GPA Representation Manager Eamonn Murphy.

“Following the merger with the WGPA, we had to look at delivering services for 1,500 more members. We’ve seen the emergence of new digital pathways. New programmes have come on stream and a split season means players will have more time to concentrate on their off-field lives. BEO360 takes all of this into account.”

“Players are at the centre of BEO360. It is designed to support them to maximise the opportunities associated with being an inter-county player and enhance the positive impact this can have on their lives,” added GPA Player Development Manager Jennifer Rogers.

Best in Class

“We looked at development programmes from around the world that are recognised as being best in class, compared models of engagement and gained an understanding for the tools and resources required. We then identified our key focus areas – our pillars.”

“We have developed a holistic wellbeing support to enhance each stage of an inter-county player’s journey, which is evidence-based, utilises and benefits from enhanced digital infrastructure and where success can be measured,” according to GPA Lead Player Development Coach Ian Reeves.

“Ultimately the aim now is to ensure all 4,000 of our members are aware of and have access to the support they require at whatever stage of their inter-county career they are at.”

The launch of the platform will be backed up by a series of webinars and workshops around the four pillars of the programme in the pipeline.

“BEO360 caters for every part of a player’s life,” said GPA CEO Tom Parsons.

“We have created the support structure that will allow them to be at their best off the pitch, it is now essential that they make their own personal decision to engage and reap the rewards.”


The Sport for Business Perspective:

Players by their very nature in an amateur sport played to a highly professional level, are torn between multiple demands and taking the time to take care of yourself is often one that gets pushed to the side.

The new BEO360 platform looks like it has the potential to provide easy explanation of the various ways in which help can be provided.

Speaking to a number of players that have benefitted from GPA assistance, there is a universal sense it was the right thing for them, but often a sense of good fortune that they ‘stumbled’ across their own particular breakthrough.

This new way to outline the services and provide easy access to them is therefore addressing a problem that could have overwhelmed the larger organisation.


“A powerful and influential network of information and collaboration”


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