Indoor classes in Gyms and indoor spas and steam rooms in leisure centres are open today in England and indications are still that they will be in Northern Ireland from next Monday.

Republic of Ireland gyms and swimming pools though remain shuttered for another three weeks. Last year they reopened at the same time as non-essential retail and services, the former of which open across Ireland today and the latter of which has been operating since last Monday.

The current timetable only allows for individual training and swimming from that time which will prolong the challenges that both sectors are facing and which run counter to the optimism and energy being felt across other sporting pursuits that are getting back with vigour.

The question mark is that of indoor over outdoor but it has to be hoped that the evidence which will be coming in from the UK over the coming days and weeks, as well as any new initiatives in terms of safety measures, will be monitored closely with a view to perhaps bring the date forward, or if not, then at least foreshortening the ability of gym operators and swimming pools to get back to full service shortly after their re-opening.

Watch back our interview with Sarah Keane, CEO of Swim Ireland making the case for a return to normal activity.


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