A groundbreaking Sim racing and STEM competition is to take place in Dublin over five weeks starting next Monday, September 25th.

Sim 4 STEM is aimed at revolutionising the intersection of education, technology, and female empowerment and is set to captivate 200 secondary school girls with an exciting blend of sim racing, STEM exploration, and content creation.

The programme is being backed by Dublin City Council Sport and Wellbeing Partnership as part of its Active Cities commitment.

Guided by expert instructors the course participants will master the art of sim driving, honing skills in precision, strategy, and determination.

They will dive headfirst into the world of data collection, interpretation, and analysis, unlocking a realm of analytical thinking and problem-solving prowess that will shape their futures, and inspire an interest in STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths.

There will also be a content creation segment of the competition with the young women harnessing their imagination, storytelling flair, and video editing finesse to craft narratives that we will bring to you on Sport for Business and will be shared socially to speak to an ever wider audience.

Participants will be evaluated on multiple fronts, with points awarded for their sim racing skills, quality of their content creation, and various STEM tasks.

The top 20 point scorers will advance to the sim racing finals competition where winners will make the exhilarating transition from the virtual world, applying their newfound driving skills to a real-life racing car.

“We are excited to kick off the Sim 4 STEM Schools competition in collaboration with Dublin City Council and the Dublin City Sports and Well-Being Partnership and Active Cities,” said Stefy Bau, Co-founder of Sim 4 STEM.

“It marks another significant stride in our commitment to fostering women’s participation in Motorsport, driven by women.”

“This initiative presents young women with an opportunity to embark on their journey in Motorsport through the integration of Sim racing and STEM disciplines,” added fellow co-founder and former Irish Hockey international Nicci Daly.

“Our objective is to identify emerging talents and cultivate increased female representation within the motorsport & STEM industry.”

“Dublin City Sports & Wellbeing Partnership through the Active Cities Initiative is proud to be part of this revolutionary endeavour,” said Carmel O’Callaghan – Active Cities Officer with Dublin City Council.

“By fostering the spirit of competition, collaboration, and inclusion, we are nurturing a new generation of empowered female leaders.”

“Active Cities aims to engage, maintain and increase the numbers of citizens regardless of age and ability participating in sport and physical activity in their city.”

“The stage is set for an exciting journey of empowerment, engagement, and exhilaration as Sim 4 STEM and Dublin City Sports Partnership redefine the future of motorsport and inspire young girls to chase their dreams.”