Athletics Ireland has launched a new strategic plan and we were joined by CEO Hamish Adams to talk it through.

The key elements are growing the active membership from a Covid hit 55,000 to 84,000, getting to 60% self-generated funding and bringing home two Olympic medals between now and LA 2028.

Watch above as we talk through the challenge of putting such a specific target on part in a strategic plan but also the excitement there around the current cohort of very talented young athletes competing for Ireland on the world stage.

“There is an art form in keeping things simple.”

“We have a great crop of talented youth athletes coming through and we have to get behind them.”

“We need to fully support the structures that can lead to more clubs forming, in Dublin in particular.”


Athletics Ireland is one of more than 250+ members of the Sport for Business network of sporting and business organisations working together across a number of key areas.


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