Each week we bring you a taste of what is happening around the commercial world of esports. We will focus on advances in the Irish sector when there are some, as well as on some of the commercial deals which are taking place and fuelling the rapid growth of this area within the world of sport.

Today we highlight a major new broadcast centre being developed by Riot Games in North Dublin, the Government’s new tax credit for gaming development and more…







Riot Games, the publishers of League of Legends have announced they are to create the first of three global broadcast and content centres near Dublin Airport.

The studio will lead the way to be followed by similar facilities in Seattle and at an unspecified location in Asia.

It will consist of six stages, each with its own production control room, as well as suites for editing and graphics production and a number of collaborative areas.

The facility will lead to an initial 120 new jobs in the esports sector here, most of them on-site at what used to be The Wright Venue nightclub near Ryanair’s Global HQ in the Airside Centre.

The League of Legends World Championship is one of the most-watched events of the year across all sports but the new facility will be capable of hosting tournaments and games across a wide range of esports properties.

Allyson Gormley, who leads the Dublin operation of Riot Games has already been appointed as General Manager of the facility.  Prior to joining Riot Games eight years ago, she served as Executive Assistant to John Treacy in his role as CEO of Sport Ireland.

“Pulling off a project and build of this magnitude is a colossal undertaking in any circumstance, let alone in a pandemic,” she said.

“This is great news for the e-sports sector in Ireland,” said Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise Leo Varadkar.

“Riot Games is world-renowned and the fact that the team has chosen Dublin as one of three locations globally to establish a new remote production broadcast centre, creating over 120 jobs, is a real vote of confidence in what we have to offer.”

It certainly is and will add to the reputation which Ireland is building as a vibrant hub of esports activity and expertise.






Amid the detail of the recently published Irish government budget for 2022 was the introduction of a new tax credit for projects in the gaming sector.

The corporation tax credit will allow for 32 per cent on expenditure up to a maximum figure of €25 million.

One caveat is that the games have to be certified as promoting Irish or European culture through its setting, characters or storytelling.

The Government has long been an advocate of encouraging creative industries to locate at least some of their production in Ireland, most notably the movie sector, and this looks like a well-timed move to do the same for gaming.






EA Sports, the publisher of FIFA, Madden and other popular sports-based games as well as The Sims, has reported turnover in the most recent year to April 2021 of €31.7 million for its Irish operation.  This is part of Global revenues for the year of $5.6 billion.

The Irish operation has bases in Galway and Dublin, employing around 400 staff in areas of customer support and sales as well as research and development.

Pretax losses of €231,000 were down from the figure of €513,000 recorded the previous year.






Sport for Business partner Indeed is to become a supporter of the eSports Awards taking place in Arlington, Texas on November 20th.

It will back the Rookie of the Year Awards and has said that it will be involved in a number of content pieces around the awards.

They join Verizon, Expedia and Lexus on a roll call of commercial partners for the Awards.







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