Today is the final day for applications to the role of CEO at Sport Ireland.

It was announced last month that John Treacy would be stepping down from the role which he has held, in a couple of different guises, since 1999.

The role is one of the most influential in Irish Sport and the five year fixed term will see through to the end of the current 10-year National Sports Policy, as well as the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Our understanding is that there has been substantial interest in the role from outside and there are a number of sporting candidates who would be on most shortlists as well.

Sport Ireland disburses €90 million per annum of Government funding to over 60 National Governing Bodies of Sport and 29 Local Sports Partnerships and has a crucial role to play in how sport is funded, how it is governed and how it is delivered.

The successful candidate to emerge from the open recruitment process will need to be a leader and a diplomat, a shrewd political operator and beyond reproach with regard to governance.

They will also oversee the substantial property and development potential of the Sport Ireland Campus

The key requirements listed in the job advertisement are:

• Senior executive-level experience and strong business acumen which demonstrates the necessary vision, leadership and operational skills to deliver all aspects of Sport Ireland’s mandate and strategic remit.
• Demonstrable understanding of the Irish sporting landscape and the importance of sport in our society with a passion and ambition for what can be achieved.
• Sound judgement and integrity with an ability to make sound decisions in a complex and dynamic environment.
• The resilience, determination and diplomacy required to make an impact and to gain the respect and the support of the multiple stakeholder entities across sport in Ireland.
• The ability to promote and apply the necessary rigour to achieve the highest standards of corporate governance and financial oversight.

Backing up the process, being conducted through Lansdowne Executive Search is a 30-page booklet outlining the criteria that apply to working at a senior level in the public sector.

The role is at the equivalent level to an Assistant Secretary in a Department and carries an entry salary of €143,845.

The closing date for the initial application is 5 PM today after which a shortlisting and interview process will be undertaken. The role will become vacant at the end of the year so the hope is that the process will be completed in order to allow for a short transition period.

If you are among those with your name in contention, we wish you the very best of luck.

Download the Information Booklet here

Sport for Business Perspective

It is one of the most important and most demanding roles within Irish sport. It needs a strong leader to emerge that will take the sector and all its constituent parts to a new level over the next five years. We look forward to seeing who emerges and doing what we can to support them when it is deserved, to question them when it is needed, and to reflect on the job they are doing throughout.



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