Sport Ireland are undertaking a study to gather the most up to date information from female coaches in Ireland, both current and former, to inform the development of future plans, programmes and initiatives for female coaches in the country.

It is open to those who have stepped up to take charge of a team or an individual and help in terms of their development.

The number of women coaches is lower than it should be and yet the role model nature of being a leader and being seen as a leader has a significant impact at every level of sport.

Knowing the barriers is the first step towards removing them and this survey holds out the prospect of getting real evidence-based insight on how things can be improved.

The findings from the survey and the subsequent study will enable Sport Ireland to develop resources, programmes and strategies that can support the ongoing work of National Governing Bodies and Local Sports Partnerships, as well as advising them on future work plans in the topic of females in coaching. 

It is hoped that the outcomes will include:

  • Development of an in-depth understanding of the status of females in coaching roles in Ireland
  • Investigation the challenges and opportunities to increase the numbers of female coaching across all sports and at all levels
  • Use of the feedback to develop good practice programmes, resources or strategies for NGBs and LSPs that will lead to successful recruitment, retention, development and progression of female coaches

If you are female and either a former or current coach you can play your part in improving the future balance of coaching in less time than it would take to set up a session of drills.

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