With just two months to go to the highly anticipated return of the Galway Races this July 25th to 31st, the team in Galway are delighted to announce a new sponsor to their race week programme, one that Captain Luke Mullins, a former Manager of the track would be proud of.

Luxurious and decadent ‘Grá Chocolates’, based in County Galway and founded by Head Chocolatier and award-winning Pastry Chef Gráinne Mullins, Captain Luke Mullins’s granddaughter, have signed a two-year sponsorship deal with Galway to sponsor the fifth race on Saturday 30th July ‘The Grá Chocolate’s Maiden’.

Grá is the Irish for love and as part of this new partnership, Grá Chocolates will create a limited-edition box of Galway Races inspired chocolates to tell a beautiful story.

Taking inspiration from Gráinne’s memories of growing up attending the races every year with her grandfather, each individual chocolate is carefully hand-painted using The Galway Races as inspiration.

There are five flavours to choose from, each bespoke chocolate inspired by memories and flavours of the Galway Races through the years from members of Grainne’s family, including Irish racehorse trainer Willie Mullins, Grainne’s father Eric, and CEO of Galway Racecourse Michael Moloney.

“The Galway Races has always had a special place in my heart,” said Mullins. “It’s a place to gather and celebrate, a week that makes the city come alive and showcases the best of Galway.”

“I grew up attending the Galway Races with my grandfather, so to be able to be a part of it with Grá Chocolates is really an honour. Creating the bespoke box of Grá Chocolates for the Galway Races made so many of my childhood memories come alive and I hope visitors to the Galway Races enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.”

“We’re delighted to welcome Grá Chocolates onboard our race week programme, said Racecourse CEO, Michael Moloney.

“Gráinne and the Mullins family have a deep connection with the Galway Races so it’s extra special. The quality of Grainne’s business, her expertise and her growth has been phenomenal and are a real testimony to her hard work and ambition.”

“This sponsorship deal is a great synergy and we’re excited to have a new and delicious brand like Grá Chocolates as part of our Summer Festival.”



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