It should have been a day of the greatest excitement. We could have been getting the scarves and the face paint down off the shelf and preparing for a night that would stick in our minds forever.

Instead of reliving Ray Houghton and Packie Bonner across all media over the weekend we should have been engrossed in the real life live action of Euro 2020.

Instead though we have to wait. Wait for another 12 months before we can welcome the football world to Dublin and our staging of the first of four games at the Aviva Stadium, which will be known as the dublin stadium for the duration of the tournament.

It is of course completely out of our control that the tournament needed to be pushed back but this date has been counting down in our collective sporting diaries for well over a year and with increasing surreality in the past three months.

With twelve months to go until it comes around again, there is greater hope and confidence that the virus has been managed to an extent that one million fans flying in criss cross fashion across the continent will be possible.

All of the plans were made and ready to go. They remain in place though will now likely include substantial new requirements around health monitoring and perhaps reduced capacity.

That is all ahead of us and 365 days away. For now though we might pause this evening at 5 PM and reflect on the fact that this is the time the Ballsbridge air would have been pierced by a single blast of a whistle and we would have been staging the world’s third biggest sporting event after the World Cup and the Olympics on our home soil.

Let’s hope that the second run at doing so will prove to be an easier one.

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