Fears are rising again over whether the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games may yet fall victim to the Global Pandemic.

Tokyo and three other Japanese provinces entered a state of emergency on Friday after six days of new infections exceeding 1,000. This is light compared to what we have experienced over the last ten days, particularly in such a much larger population but the fear of looking at what has happened elsewhere around the world is having a clear impact on the will of the people of Japan to press on.

A telephone poll conducted by a local newspaper revealed that 35.3 per cent felt the Games should be cancelled and another 44.8 per cent think they should be postponed.

That has been ruled out on a number of occasions by the IOC, conscious of how another year would impinge too much on the Paris 2024 cycle. That said in the course of reaction to the pandemic, what is a complete red line at one point can shift quickly depending on circumstances.

It may be that this is a momentary feeling which will pass as more widespread vaccination gets underway.

The Japanese Government vowed that a ‘safe and secure’ games would be held on schedule between July 23rd and August 8th for the Olympics and between August 24th and September 5th.

Additional measures are being planned with shorter stays, increased testing and even the potential ahead of time vaccination of competitors, all of which are possible given the fact that the vaccination programme is now underway and in the big picture of a long term emergence we are actually in a better place now than we were ten months ago when the whole nightmare started.

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