Britvic NI has been unveiled as the Official Hydration and Sports Drink partner of Ulster Rugby, as well as the Soft Drinks partner for Kingspan Stadium in Belfast.

This new deal mirrors the Official Beer partnership with Heineken which was extended last month. (Read more here)

Ballygowan will be used as the brand behind the hydration arm of the partnership while the team will use Energise Sport as their official sports drink.

As one of Ireland’s biggest sports drinks, with a strong market share in Northern Ireland, Energise Sport is already well established across the sports community.

Launched in 2003, the IRFU’s former Director of Fitness, Dr Liam Hennessy, played a role in the formulation of the drink, which is made up of an optimum balance of water, carbohydrates, and electrolytes to hydrate faster than water alone.

“We are absolutely delighted and incredibly proud to be working with Ulster Rugby and we are really looking forward to the start of a great partnership,” said Kevin Donnelly, Managing Director, Britvic Ireland.

“We believe the power and passion of Ulster Rugby coupled with our great brands opens up a really great opportunity to connect with people all across Ulster and build future success together.”

“The Britvic NI values as a brand closely align with what we want to achieve at Ulster Rugby,” added CEO Jonny Petrie.

“This is demonstrated in their passion for sustainability, exemplified by the recent investment in Ballygowan to make its bottles 100% recycled and fully recyclable, as well as holding the credentials for the only sports drink that is 100% produced in Ireland.

“Dan McFarland’s mantra of ‘Fight for Every Inch’ is well-known now in the club, and throughout the province, and with Britvic NI on-board as a partner, I am confident that they will play their part in helping the team to maximise its performance in the time ahead.”


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