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Sport for Business is pleased to reveal this morning the 12 individuals who have been selected to be part of a new Young Leaders Group through 2016.

They have been chosen from almost 100 nominations from across the sport and business community and will serve as both guides to how the next generation of leaders act and think, and as a conduit through which Sport for Business can help to create the right environment for young people to advance in the commercial world of sport.

They come from a variety of fields and backgrounds, from Gaelic Games, Rugby, Soccer and the National Sports Campus as well as two from overseas including one from the administration side of the International Olympic Council.

Our group will meet for the first time just before the Christmas break and from there will determine a range of initiatives and events to bring together the next wave of leaders across the boundaries of sport and business.

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“Youth always has a different perspective and we want to provide an open environment in which that can be seen, developed and used to shape the worlds of sport and business in Ireland,” said Sport for Business Founder Rob Hartnett.

“We all grow through acting together and having the benefit of mentorship to guide us through what can often be new and challenging opportunities.”

“These young leaders will be exciting to work with.  It’s up to them what this leads to in terms of shaping the agenda for sport in Ireland over the coming years and reaching out a helping hand to those emerging from colleges and looking to establish themselves in the world of sport.”

The 12 Sport for Business Young Leaders for 2016 are:

  • Colm O’Méalóid – International Olympic Council
  • Daniel O’Toole – TSE Consulting
  • Jennifer Gleeson – Lidl
  • Orla Devlin – Simply Golf
  • Paul Flynn – Lincoln Recruitment
  • Rachel Solon – Wilson Hartnell
  • Ruth Fahy – Wexford Youths
  • Sam O’Byrne – IRFU
  • Sinead Finnegan – PSG Sponsorship
  • Shane O’Leary – Target McConnells
  • Colm Baker – McGreals Pharmacies
  • Gary Stewart – National Sports Campus

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