This weekend sees the return of the Premier League, 30 years and a lifetime after it made its first appearance on the sporting landscape.

It is hard for younger readers to imagine a time when footballers were, for the most part, mainly just regular lads, always lads in those days, who made a living but did not rock up to the training ground in a Maserati.

The spark that lit the transformation of football into the multi-billion circus we have today was the idea that Sky would get people to pay money to watch games live in their own homes.

30 years on it is hard to believe that there was scepticism over whether that whole idea would catch on but it certainly did and changed forever the concept that televised sport was only for Saturday night highlights and the occasional FA Cup Final or World Cup.

For those beyond a certain vintage, today’s Daily Video will be a trip down memory lane. How many of the players in the original promotional poster above and video and video above would you recognise?

Join us later in the week where we will take a look at the sponsors from that first season and the one club that had none throughout the year.

It really was the start of a whole new ball game.