Menopause has been to the fore across Irish media in the past two weeks and Women in Sport, the UK charity, has announced new research into the impact it has on women in mid-life.

The announcement of the research coincides with a new curation of images and films in partnership with Getty Images. The charity is calling for action both within and beyond the sport sector to ensure midlife women have the chance to enjoy sport and activity and the lifelong benefits they bring. The work is being funded thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery in Britain.

The launch video is our Daily Video this morning and can be seen above.

At present, far too many women in midlife are missing out on the joy of sport and the social, psychological, and physical health benefits of being active. A third of women aged 41 to 60 are not meeting the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines of 150 minutes per week of exercise and a fifth are not achieving even 30 minutes per week.

More than eight out of 10 women who are inactive during this time said that they want to do more exercise.

According to the research women in midlife feel largely ignored, invisible and undervalued, and don’t feel they have a right to sport and exercise.

“It’s like a taboo subject, nobody talks about it, women suffer on their own,” said one respondent.

“I didn’t want to expose myself, you know, having all these different feelings and emotions, that’s too much on the plate for me to, sort of, tell anybody,” added another.

Women in Sport found multiple physical, psychological, and social midlife and menopause factors are preventing women from getting active. The charity has produced a Model of Midlife, Menopause and Exercise to explain the factors shaping women’s lives and how they affect exercise.

Access the full report here.


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