Dublin GAA stars across all four codes were present at Parnell Park yesterday to speak to media in a virtual fashion about the start of their respective seasons.

The media day kicked off with Dean Rock apologising once more for the breach of Covid regulations that he said was deeply regretted by everyone involved across the organisation.

He is looking forward to seeing new faces coming through onto the Dublin Men’s Football starting line up across the Allianz League. He is also getting used to a new job, having left Stewarts Care where he had worked as a physical activity coordinator and fundraiser. He moved in January to work in financial services with Metis Ireland.

“It is different and I have Paddy Andrews as my boss now but that helps from the time we spent as teammates,” he told us. “I’m studying now for my qualifications and enjoying the different way of working, even though I loved the time I spent working with the clients at Stewarts and learned things there that will stay with me through all of my life.”

Beyond Football

Dublin fans will perhaps see the switch as his getting ready for a life beyond football but he has no plans to call a halt just yet.

Lyndsey Davey has been with the Dublin Ladies since she was fourteen but is also still going strong now into her 18th season at the top flight.

She expressed her satisfaction that the expenses paid to women will now be the same as for men. “It has been expensive getting to games and we will be travelling ourselves to Cork in a few weeks so the milage expenses on that alone would be a big hit without this.”

“It’s been great getting back with the squad and training out at DCU and I’m looking forward to the season.”

The players were launching AIG’s partnership with Dublin GAA for the season and highlighting a targeting of young drivers through a new TV campaign around the theme of ‘BoxClever’ and discounts for installing an onboard monitor.

The ad can be seen below and was made by fellow Sport for Business members Along Came a Spider, originators of the 20×20 Campaign, in which AIG were also main partners.

It allows young drivers to select the kilometres they want to be insured for. A telematics device is installed in their car and tracks their driving against AIG’s safe driving criteria. Unlike other telematics insurance offers, AIG BoxClever monitors driving in real-time and communicates feedback quickly to customers, helping them to consistently drive safely.


The BoxClever telematics device also helps find cars that are stolen and includes an accident alert system to help keep drivers safe after an accident.

Leah Butler is an AIG BoxClever user and it has helped her improve her driving while also bringing down the cost of her insurance. “Getting car insurance as a young or inexperienced driver can be tough because it’s often very expensive, so AIG BoxClever has been great for me as it has reduced the cost of my premium with the added bonus of proving that I am a safe driver.”

“Over the past number of years, we have been working on technology-based insurance solutions for young drivers,” said AIG Ireland General Manager Aidan Connaughton.

“Our telematics proposition is based on real-time data, integrated driver communications and rewards safe driving. We’re very proud to offer young drivers a car insurance solution that will hopefully make insurance more affordable while promoting and rewarding safe driving behaviour which will ultimately save lives.”

“By giving young drivers the opportunity to validate and improve how safely they can drive by using car-based telematics technology we are able to reward better driving performance. AIG is the proud sponsor of Dublin GAA and we are delighted that we have been able to offer this solution to several players across all codes who are using AIG BoxClever Insurance.”



AIG and Dublin GAA are among more than 250+ members of the Sport for Business network of sporting and business organisations working together across a number of key areas.


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