It is recognised as one of the biggest health problems we face and on Saturday night in Barcelona, sport added another element to the battle against obesity when electrical appliance company Beko gave over their shirt sleeve sponsorship in one of the biggest games of the season against real Madrid to a new social good initiative.

#EatLikeAPro is Beko’s global initiative with FC Barcelona and Club’s foundation Barça Foundation that is raising awareness about childhood obesity.

By 2025, if current trends continue, there will be 70 million children suffering from obesity. Beko’s goal is to contribute to reducing this number through its #EatLikeAPro campaign and by supporting UNICEF, the world’s leading organisation working for children globally.

“Childhood obesity is a worldwide issue and Beko are using their biggest sponsorship platform to help tackle the challenge,” said Shane Kelly, Sales and Marketing Manager for Beko Ireland.

“FC Barcelona players are recognisable worldwide and very much so here in Ireland and hopefully this campaign may resonate with families in their quest to eat healthier.”

“Over the coming months, Beko Ireland will be talking to some Irish sporting heroes to get their thoughts on the importance of healthy eating, getting into good habits early and some simple tips to bear in mind for a healthier lifestyle.”

There is an imaginative social media angle to the promotion as well with fans around the world encouraged to post their own thoughts on healthy eating and tagging it with #EatLikeaPro.

Random posters will be selected to win one of the shirts worn on Saturday night but more importantly, Beko will donate €1 for each post to a fund established with UNICEF with a goal to raise €1,000,000 to help improve the diets, growth and development of 600,000 children in Latin America.

The initiative has proved a global success to date, with over €500,000 raised for UNICEF so far from social media posts using #EatLikeAPro.

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