“Covid is teaching us what we value most and that is not necessarily what has previously been thought of as the most important element of a sponsorship asset.”

Daragh Persse of The Brand Fans appeared on a European Sponsorship Association web session this morning looking at sponsorship as we stand in 2021.

Lorna Danaher of Energia was part of the discussion as well, celebrating the brand’s success at the recent European Sponsorhip Awards.

“There is a balance between the qualitative and quantitative measurements and if you get that right it can be a real helo,” added Persse.

“Rights holders are trying to keep the wheels on the wagon and being able to see what is working best at the same time as you sponsor allows for a more open conversation exploring what works best for both sides.

“Reach, engagement and interest in what we have been doing with our Rugby partnerships have all risen as we got to understand them better,” said Danaher.

“The concept of everyone working together in the face of unprecedented challenges has in many ways broken down the formality of a partnership and allowed for an easier way to explore things that might work.”

“Our approach had to adapt to be more flexible but we managed that through knowing what was landing best with our audience.


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