Today’s Daily Video sees Dublin GAA star and SuperValu GAA ambassador, Cian O’Sullivan, reflecting on the important role the GAA plays across the country, and how players are rising to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The Dublin fans are incredible. Hill 16 – the noise, the fanfare, the colour; it is special. Every time you’re in Croke Park running out onto the pitch and seeing that and being met with that warmth. Doing your warmup in front of that noise and that support. This year we’re not going to have that. We still know that support is out there.”

“It’s not just coming to the game on the big game day and cheering us on. It’s the colour; it’s the fanfare; it’s the car bumper stickers; it’s the flags; it’s wearing your jersey; it’s all these things that add in and drive the team along.”

“2020 was definitely a challenging year. I didn’t know whether a Championship was coming or going. I guess for me, I had a welcoming distraction of a baby girl coming along in April. I think football wasn’t really too much on my mind at that point anyway.”

“I always had this belief though, that there was going to be a club campaign, there was going to be an inter-county campaign. You have to have that mentality going into it, or else you’re only fooling yourself and you’re only going to go half-hearted.”

“My teammates and that group – it’s a massive part of my life; it’s a massive part of what defines me and has defined me for a number of years.”



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