Jerome O’Leary, 10, Dublin
William Robinson, 11, Dublin
John William Scott, 14, Dublin
Tom Hogan, 19, Limerick
Joe Traynor, 21, Dublin
Michael Hogan, 24, Tipperary
Jane Boyle, 26. Dublin
James Teehan, 26, Tipperary
Tom Ryan, 27, Wexford
Daniel Carroll, 30, Tipperary
James Matthews, 38, Dublin
Michael Feery, 40, Dublin
James Burke, 44, Dublin
Patrick O’Dowd, 57, Dublin

14 people who went to a football match on November 21st, 1920 and never came home.

14 people who might have decided on the day to go or might have been looking forward to it for weeks.

14 people who might not have gone if it had been colder or wetter.

14 people picked by fate from a crowd of 20,000 to have their lives cut short one fateful day.

14 people no different from those who have been attending matches at the same Croke Park Stadium for the 100 years since they died.

14 people whose minds were on the simple pleasure of sport, forgetting about what other worries or thoughts might have been crowding their minds.

14 people separated from us by 100 years but as close in spirit as anyone who has gone to a game.

14 people who might have been erased from history with the passing of time but for the determined interest of a single journalist and the enduring memory of their families.

14 people who play a central role in the identity of a sporting body who have now been well served by that body.

14 people who died by rifle fire on a dark day in Irish history, eight of whom until the past decade had lain in unmarked graves.

14 people who made the ultimate blood sacrifice without ever being asked.

14 people whose names should be remembered in the same way as the seven signatories of the Proclamation of Independence for the sacrifice they made.

14 people who will be recognised at Croke Park on the centenary of their death.

14 people, we should all remember on Saturday and think of from time to time to keep their memory alive.


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