Fyffes is set to resume its children’s fitness programme of live school visits in September following a two-year break during Covid.

Originally conceived as a means of introducing children to the importance of physical exercise and healthy eating, the upcoming schedule will see some 7,500 pupils from schools throughout Ireland, North and South, participate in an interactive Fit Squad session between September and March next.

Delivered by Irish health and fitness expert, Tom Dalton, and carried out under the eye of teachers present, each 45-minute session includes an active workout plus talks and tips on healthy eating, all designed to improve children’s general fitness through engaging and fun-filled activities.

“We have had such a positive response to the programme, many schools are already in the pipeline for visits before we had to go online,” said Fyffes Head of Marketing Emma Hunt-Duffy.

“Much of the appeal is that the exercises don’t require any equipment and don’t need much space. They focus on using your own body weight to build strength in a fun way that can be enjoyed by children, teachers and parents alike.”

Prior to going online when schools were forced to close, the multi award-winning children’s fitness programme has been introduced to over 20,000 pupils in a countrywide series of school visits since its launch just four years ago.



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