A survey of over 3,000 GAA club players by the Club Players Association has revealed genuine concern among players over whether they would be willing to return to play.
It shows that on average, only nine of the players on any team of 15 see themselves returning to play in 2020.
An online survey with nine questions was sent around to players and returned before Sunday night.
The last ones to come in will have taken account of the interview between GAA President John Horan and Des Cahill on RTÉ’s Sunday Game.
The findings are stark for those hoping for a return to any form of activity with 22 per cent saying they would not be prepared to return to playing games in 2020 as things currently stand.
A further 21 per cent said they were not sure with 57 per cent saying they would be prepared to return to play.
Sentiment surveys such as this can swing quite quickly and the speed at which things are changing in relation to the dramatic changes wrought by the pandemic exacerbates that.
Nonetheless, it is a stark warning that regardless of what is said to be OK, the concerns of the general public with regard to their own and their family wellbeing will be crucial in the speed of any return to normal activity.
Just over one-quarter of those who completed the survey said they were living with someone over the age of 70 or others considered to be more vulnerable to the effects of Covid-19.
64 per cent said that they would consider a return to play if precautions such as temperature checking were in place.
The findings have been passed on to the GAA for consideration by the Association’s new Covid-19 Advisory Group.

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Image Credit: Cathal Noonan, Inpho.ie