The Gaelic Players Association has launched the first in a series of professional development videos which will be available to members via the GPA’s player exclusive app.

The Impact Series has been specifically developed for players by long term GPA partners The Communications Clinic.

The content, which can be accessed on-demand, is in keeping with the GPA advice to members to use the downtime caused by the Covid-19 crisis to consider their professional development needs and use it as an opportunity to further that development.

The content is divided into an initial four areas of Professional branding, Stakeholder Management, Active Listening and Making an Impact.

This is the kind of preparation to be an ambassador within the sport that would be much more familiar in US sport where every player is finely tuned to speak to media and to add to their own value as well as that of their team and sport.

That it should be considered an important part of a Gaelic Players skillset, in an amateur sport, is testament to the levels of engagement that the players put in and to the non-financial reward they gain from being involved at the highest levels of the sport.

There is a natural element to being a good communicator but too often it is a fallback to say “no there is somebody better at that than me.”  This is another way of ensuring that the community leaders our inter-county stars have become are equipped to deliver on and off the field.


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