The second wave of our important research with ONSIDE into the Impact on Sport and Sponsorship in Ireland of COVID-19 is open this morning for Sport for Business members to give their thoughts on where we are now nearly two months on from the first wave.

It has been a period of time we could never have imagined.  Sport is only now emerging in very limited fashion from an enforced hiatus and this will be a chance to see how our levels of confidence and optimism have shifted.

We will revisit the important questions in terms of confidence and sentiment seven weeks on from when we conducted the first wave.

In addition to those questions asked before, we also touch on the perception of how activations in the community and across a multitude of brands and sporting properties have gone down.

When and how do you believe that sport will make a return? What impact will the crisis have on support for Women’s sport and on the sector as a whole?

“How we feel as an industry is important in terms of how we plot and plan for a resumption of activity,” said Sport for Business CEO Rob Hartnett.

“All of us have been working in bubbles and this is a way of sense checking our own perspectives against the thoughts and opinions of our peers.”

“We have released the latest wave of our Consumer research this week and this project with members of the Sport for Business Community is an important additional layer of insight and information helping us all to make the right decisions on a return to full sporting action,” added ONSIDE CEO, John Trainor.

The survey will remain open until 11 AM on the morning of Tuesday, June 2nd and the full information will be made available exclusively to those who have contributed to the research.

The link was made available in the Members Edition of the Sport for Business Daily Digest this morning but if you want to make your voice heard you can get the link by emailing, quoting COVID-19 Impact Research.

It has been a period of unprecedented challenge and change and it will be fascinating to get a fully developed snapshot of how we feel as a sector.

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