With sport returning to action after a two-month hiatus due to COVID-19 we brought together the five CEOs of the first sports to make a limited return. We found out the challenges they had faced and the lessons learned in terms of opening up the gates.
Michelle Carpenter from Rowing Ireland, Ronan Murphy from Horse Sport Ireland, Hamish Adams from Athletics Ireland, Richard Fahey from Tennis Ireland and Mark Kennelly from Golf Ireland, at the end of the live session below, joined us to talk through the logistics, the communication,  the sourcing of safety material and more.
Their experience will help to shape the actions in the future of other sporting bodies and indeed all of our workplaces.
It is the kind of activity that we never imagined would be such an important part of the role of an NGB yet here we are.
We were also joined in the session by Paul McDermott who looks after the high-performance area at Sport Ireland and sits on the Department of Tourism, Transport and Sport Expert Group established this week to help others through getting the right protocols in place.
It was a fascinating discussion around an area that is of critical importance.


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