The Sports sector was served a boost of optimism on Sunday when a major feature in the business section of the Sunday Independent shone a light on the impact of Covid on sporting bodies but also on how they were likely to bounce back.

The article drew on commentary from a range of industry influencers including John Trainor from Onside, Rob Hartnett from Sport for Business, Conor Hoey from Drogheda United, Trevor Twamley from Sport Endorse, Irial MacMurchu from Nemeton Productions and Conor Meany from Basketball Ireland.

There was no sugar coating with the reality of the financial hit outlined in full, including a €54 million drop in sponsorship income and the wiping out of revenues for clubs and sporting bodies.

Hoey highlighted the importance of online streaming and social media in keeping clubs connected to fans while MacMurchu spoke of the vital and ongoing role of streaming.

There was a sidebar feature on Basketball where 80 per cent of the membership are under the age of 18. “Our commercial and funding partners have helped keep the game afloat,” said Meany. They are more important than ever before and are helping us to weather the storm.”

The piece finished on a positive note with Rob Hartnett saying that “There is a degree of optimism that sport has such an important role to play in society, in our own personal lives, in media and sponsorship that it will bounce back, and that it could do so very strongly.

You can read the full article on the Irish and Sunday Independent online service here.


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