We live in a visual world and this morning we publish for the first time a visual snapshot of the findings of our Onside Covid-19 Sports Impact Monitor.

It gives at a glance the numbers that matter in terms of our Sport for Business members’ confidence in a recovery and feelings about where we are now as a sector after three months of a hiatus on sporting activity.

There is still a long road back but we have a map, we have the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to bounce back from big hits and we are ready for what might come next.

Those who contributed to the Sports Impact Monitor gain full access to all the data, including what challenges our Members see as being on the horizon.

For those who did not, Onside have created an overview document and are open to having a discussion about how the findings can be relevant to your organisation.

You can request a copy of the overview document here.

We will be doing a third wave of research and if you would like to be part of that, and gain more insight on how to manage your place in the business of sport, contact Rob Hartnett today.

Listen back to Rob Hartnett on yesterday’s Today with Sarah McInerney on RTÉ Radio One.

Watch back over our interview with John Trainor looking in detail at the headline figures.


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