This week we released the headline figures from the Onside Covid-19 Sports Impact Monitor. The data was driven by the participation of over 100 sporting and business organisations that are members of the Sport for Business community.

The findings paint a vivid picture of where we are as an industry as we move from the first wave conducted only weeks into lockdown to this second wave as we emerge blinking back into a world of sporting activity and competition.

The data is divided into five key areas and each day over the next week we will highlight some of the figures that emerged from each of those.

Concerns and Challenges; Coping and Optimism; Sponsorship and Activation; Behind Closed Doors and Opportunities and Positives.

When we took the first wave of research there was not yet a clear picture of how long the crisis might last and what the impact was going to be.  In April there was still a sense that there could be a full return in June but everything was up in the air.

Now we have greater clarity and we had some sporting activity returning at a low level while the second wave was being undertaken.

The number of those who are quite or very optimistic about recovery in the Sports Industry is now 67 per cent, up eleven points, while it has climbed eight points to 45 per cent about the Sponsorship industry.

In times of great upheaval, there can be great uncertainty and that knocks confidence but in sport we are used to wins and losses to a far greater extent than many other sectors.

The psychology of taking a hit and bouncing back is complex, and for many, they never get the opportunity to face the problems that it presents.

Misplaced confidence can create its own issues but anecdotally and qualitatively through this research, there is a clear understanding of just how serious this particular setback is and there is no complacency in what we know will be needed to make the right steps to getting back on top.

“There is a growth in the number of those who are optimistic about the economy in general and that filters through into our own sector,” said John Trainor, CEO of Onside.

“There are five per cent more people now than in April that are optimistic about the recovery of the sponsorship sector.”The makeup of the contributing audience is split across sporting organisations, major sponsors, media, agencies and others.

Those who contributed to the Sports Impact Monitor gain full access to all the data, including what challenges our Members see as being on the horizon.

For those who did not, Onside have created an overview document and are open to having a discussion about how the findings can be relevant to your organisation.

You can request a copy of the overview document here.

We will be doing a third wave of research and if you would like to be part of that, and gain more insight on how to manage your place in the business of sport, contact Rob Hartnett today.

Listen back to Rob Hartnett on yesterday’s Today with Sarah McInerney on RTÉ Radio One.

Watch back over our interview with John Trainor looking in detail at the headline figures.


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