The LGFA has announced details of a new paid streaming service that will deliver live action of all matches played in the Lidl National League and the TG4 Championship that are not carried live on TG4.

Over 100 live games will be made available at the LGFA’s dedicated live-streaming portal starting this weekend with the opening round of Fixtures in the Lidl National Leagues.

The streaming service was provided free of charge last season, with sponsorship assistance from Lidl, when fans were unable to attend matches in person.

The restriction on attendance has now thankfully been lifted but the LGFA is making a smart calculation that the explosion of visibility that streaming delivers is here to stay and can be managed at a cost that can be recouped through subscriptions.

Any Device

The matches will be available to view on any device and in any part of the world, expanding the potential reach of the games towards the diaspora and beyond.

While it is hard to make a judgement call on what people will see as a value price, you have to set a marker and they have landed on a multi-tier model which gives full access to every game with a season pass for €50, weekend passes for €10 or single games at a cost of €5. Games can also be paid for in full after the initial live broadcast at a cost of €3.

Given that we have shown a willingness to pay for the experience of a live game, and a higher than average propensity to pay for premium TV packages, it will be interesting to see the breakdown of where the viewers come from for these games.

The quality of the show will be important once a fee is being charged but we have grown used to the ability to see what we want when we want and the programme of games should produce a welcome response.

All details of the new service are available at the LGFA’s streaming hub here.