Laya healthcare has cleverly tied its health and wellbeing partnerships with Leinster, Munster and Connacht Rugby into a new iteration of its “A Beat Ahead” campaign.

The brand has been supporting rugby for eight years and the intention of this new campaign is “to bring the best of laya healthcare to the world of rugby.”

It has been designed to connect fans with their teams through the shared ambition of achieving powerful momentum in all walks of life – whether for players on the field or fans who support at the sidelines.

The campaign is being backed across multi-media channels with a budget of €500,000.

To bring the campaign to life, rugby fans from each province were chosen to identify and articulate the nuances of what it is to be a fan of Leinster, Munster, or Connacht.

Through a number of focus groups with 250 fans, a host of key insights were identified. These points fed into a bespoke strategy for each province, showing exactly what it takes for each to be a beat ahead. The results of these focus groups revealed core traits in each of the different fan groups.

The Connacht team is about AMBITION. With five counties and one big heart, Connacht Rugby’s constant ambition to succeed sets them apart and shines through as their fans belt out the Fields of Athenry, instilling a sense of pride in their team.

Munster’s heritage and community is built on TOGETHERNESS, they are the “team of everyman” – with the utmost respect for every kicker whether home or away, every person is welcome to Thomond Park or Musgrave Park, the home grounds in Limerick and Cork.

The Leinster team is set apart by their STYLE and EXHILARATION. It’s what Leinster has done with its abundance of talent that makes them unique. They have always looked to foster youngsters who have the ability to light up a stadium.

“Being A Beat Ahead is as much a motivational statement as it is a reaffirmation of our long-standing promise to ‘look after you always’,” said Kevin Kent, Head of Marketing, laya healthcare.

“With this creative campaign, we have celebrated the provinces in a new way using storytelling to discover the unique insights that only true supporters would know.”

“It truly is a fan-centric celebration of each club, that we are very proud to present and support at a national level.”

The new campaign will include in-stadium activations with fans, media partnerships as well as a content series with bespoke assets for each province running across Video on Demand, YouTube, podcasts, Spotify and Out of Home.

The rugby association has also been bolstered by the partnership with Connacht’s tag rugby programme.

The full campaign was developed and is supported by Legacy Communications.

“The team here at Legacy were delighted to help laya healthcare take their Brand Platform ‘A Beat Ahead’ into the world of rugby in a way that is truly meaningful to the business, the provinces, and the supporters,” said Shireen McDonagh, Head of Brand and Sponsorship at Legacy Communications.

“Often multi-sponsorship creative can result in the sponsorship asset being somewhat ‘forced’ to align with the brand, but with this campaign, we acknowledge that each province is truly unique and backed by insight. Each has its own nuance, energy and rhythm that makes it remarkably different, particularly from a supporter perspective, so it was crucial that each piece of creative that was developed brought these differences to life.”


Sport for Business Perspective

The campaign looks great and is a really tidy way of linking the TV advertising that features Felicia Olusanya with the ba-boom beat with the rugby partnerships. The fans will like that they are all treated as individual groups and this should prove to be a real winning activation.



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