Sport for Business members The Brand Fans have started to publish data from their Sponsorship Performance and Impact evaluation model which we are able to share with you this morning.

The model examines the brand health and commercial impact of sponsorship activations around key moments of a partnership.

“What we are doing at the moment is just a snapshot of part of that platform,” Brand Fans Founder Daragh Persse told us.

“We are monitoring sponsors around key periods for their sponsorship.  We track reach, engagements, sentiment and emotions.”

“That way it’s not just about the size of the brand.  A sponsor can score high points through more effective posts that drive engagements and sentiment.”

“We convert the actual scores into equivalent scoring that closely follows the format of that sport.”

“We have been looking at Rugby, GAA and the Premier League.  For the GAA, we are keeping a tally and will produce a league table at the end of the Championship.”

The first glimpse is drawn from an analysis of the activations that Vodafone and Isuzu, the team sponsors of Ireland and Wales respectively, drew from last Friday’s game in the Guinness Nations Series.

It shows that Vodafone was as dominant off the pitch as the team were on it.

It will be interesting to track as the winter progresses and we will welcome Daragh onto the Sport for Business Daily in the coming short while to examine the model in a more detailed fashion.


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