The website unveiled a new look yesterday 12 years after it originally launched onto screens and phones.

The website pitches itself as a source of Irish sports news and randomness and often takes an amusing sideways look at the things that are happening across our world.

The new look is a homage to the retro look and feel of World Cup’s past with a Mexico 1970 and classic Adidas vibe running through it but all in green white and gold to stress its Irishness.

The content on the site is short, snappy and geared towards short rather than long-form material. It has a strong presence on social media with six-figure followings on Twitter and Facebook.

The business model is one of advertising and partnership-based content. It partnered with Livescore around its Champions League coverage and is also running a joint video-based campaign with Centra and the All-Ireland Hurling Championship.

Watch out in the coming weeks as we will have an interview with the site founder Brian Reynolds.



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