Off The Ball has launched a new OTB Sports App, creating a one-stop-shop for all OTB content as well as a number of exclusive elements that will not be heard on the radio or seen on the website.

It is 18 years since the show first appeared on Newstalk and it has in many ways redefined sports broadcasting and the way in which sports content is delivered.

It has now grown to producing more than 40 different podcast streams as well as live scores, news and analysis in written, audio and video form.

Ireland’s first sports radio station, OTB Sports Radio is part of the new app and it will also be a mobile home for OTBAM, Off The Ball’s daily sports breakfast show, and Off The Ball, the nightly multi-award-winning radio show.

‘OTB Gold’ will also be available to access in the app, curating moments of sporting glory from the past as well as keynote interviews that have stood the test of time.

“For the past 18-years, our aim has always been to deliver the best sports coverage and analysis available – from live broadcasts across the country, to working with sports stars who give our audience brilliant insights,” said Off The Ball Managing Director Ger Gilroy.

“The OTB Sports App is a natural evolution for us and I would like to thank Team OTB for delivering this outstanding resource.”

“Since going from an evening radio sports show to streaming round-the-clock content, we have seen an ever-growing appetite from sports fans for more and more content.”

“Housing our offerings in one easy-to-use, readily available app is a really exciting move for us and we’re delighted to share it with our fellow sports lovers.”

We have noticed ourselves that even in the absence of sport in a live context there remains a huge desire for content around the sporting stars and stories that brighten daily life.

This is well-timed as sport begins to emerge blinking again into the light.

It’s one of the downloads that will sit front and centre stage on the first page of your home screen.

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