The Olympic Federation of Ireland has revealed the names on nine individuals who have been nominated for the seven available places on the organisations Executive Committee for the next four-year term.

The roles of President, First Vice Present, Second Vice President, and Honorary General Secretary have all been uncontested with the incumbents, Sarah Keane, Colm Barrington, Robert Norwood and Sarah O’Shea, the only candidates to have put their names forward for these roles.

This will still just be a second term for each and so fully within the bounds of corporate governance which the Federation adopted in the aftermath of the system shock of events surrounding the Rio Games in 2016.

The nine candidates for the non-officer positions are Moira Aston from Canoeing, Michelle Carpenter from Rowing, Georgina Drumm from Athletics, Ciaran Gallagher from Gymnastics, Linda Morgan from Boxing, PJ Nolan from Cycling, PJ Reidy from Basketball, Joe Reynolds from Horse Sport and Lochlann Walsh from Triathlon.

Drumm, Gallagher, Nolan and Walsh are standing for second terms. Denis Toomey, Robert Johnson, Darren O’Neill and Billy Kennedy are not standing for reelection.

There will also be two independent directors appointed by the Committee and Shane O’Connor as Chair of the Athletes Commission will also have a seat.

This term of office will cover two Olympic Cycles in Tokyo and Paris, making it (hopefully) unique. As a result of changes to the constitution agreed last year the makeup of the Executive Committee must include at least 40 per cent males and females.

With an equal split of officers, this means either that one of the male and one of the female candidates will have to miss out from the election, or, potentially, that both of the independent directors will need to be from one or the other.

Sometimes the mechanics of equality can be a bit messy but they are needed to get to the right place and the Olympic Federation should stand as a marker for other sporting bodies.

The election will take place with online voting on the afternoon of 8th December, overseen by Arthur Cox Solicitors, and the Extraordinary General Meeting to be held that evening starting at 6 PM.


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