Sport England has published a new 10-year strategy for physical and activity and wellbeing. It is designed as a reset after activity levels there fell by unprecedented levels during the spring lockdown last year, strangely counter to what we experienced here in Ireland.

The new strategy focuses on five key areas.

Recover and Reinvent

Using the recovery from Covid to ‘reset’ the way people think about physical activity.

Connecting Communities

Using sport and sporting facilities to create better living environments

Positive Experiences for Children and Young People

Focusing on youth to set the right template for lifelong adherence to physical activity

Connecting with Health and Wellbeing

Making the bonds stronger between physical and mental wellbeing

Active Environments

Focus on creating spaces where people can play and get physically active.

According to the strategy, the mission it aims to deliver on is “to invest in sport and physical activity to make it
a normal part of life for everyone in England, regardless of who you are.”

“Right now, the opportunities to get involved in sport and activity – and reap the rewards of being active – depend too much on your background, your gender, your bank balance and your postcode.”

“This strategy comes at a critical time,” said CEO Tim Hollingsworth unveiling it yesterday.

“Alongside the National Lottery and government, we have made significant funding available, but many organisations are struggling, and activity levels have taken a significant hit. But amid all that challenge and uncertainty, we believe there are also enormous opportunities to fast-track the role sport and physical activity plays in helping people to live happier, healthier lives.”

“With a short-term focus on helping sport to recover from the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, this strategy identifies the other major issues that for the next decade will be a priority.”

“At the heart of all this is a ruthless focus on providing opportunities to people and communities that have traditionally been left behind, and helping to remove the barriers that stop them from playing sport and being active.”

Our own challenges here are similar with a stubborn inability to shift physical activity measurements the further along you go in terms of socioeconomic standing and educational attainment.

If only to see what measure are being put in place to address those inequalities, it will be interesting to follow the progress of the Sport England strategy in the coming years.

Download the full strategy document below.

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