We were joined today on the Sport for Business Daily by Lorna Danaher, the Sponsorship manager with Energia.

We wanted to go behind the curtain on the partnership Energia has with Irish Rugby across three different strands.

It was an interesting conversation. We spoke about the challenges of working through Covid, the plans being put in place for the next twelve months and on working with agencies to make the most of the assets available to them through the sport…

You can watch the interview back in full above and here are some of the spots you might want to land on…

Why did the brand get involved in Rugby? 2:08

Where have they discovered the greatest value lay? 3:40

Creating great content 5:22

The challenges of marketing through Covid 8:14

Splitting energy and creativity across three different properties 11:08

Adding to them with a fourth strand 11:54

Working with agencies 14:04



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