Tears and tantrums aplenty, and that was just from the quizmaster. We had 22 teams enter the 2021 Sport for Business Super Quiz and the Qualifier round saw that number trimmed to eight for the Quarterfinals.

Here were some of the best bits…

Our thanks to the teams from Cara, Balls.ie, Olytico, Teneo, AIG, Horse Racing Ireland, 2Into3, Legacy Communications, Special Olympics Ireland, GAA Handball, Core Sponsorship, Sporting Pride, Ripple Marketing and Thinkhouse, all of whom contributed valiantly.

And to the GAA, OTB Sports, RTÉ Sport, Future Ticketing, Dublin City Council, Wilson Hartnell, Pundit Arena and the Sport Ireland Campus who progress to the Quarter Finals that will be competed for during the week of June 14th.


All those who took part are among the 250+ members of the Sport for Business network of sporting and business organisations working together across a number of key areas.


Sport for Business Partners