Sport Ireland and Sporting Pride have launched the 2022 version of their #LetsGetVisible campaign.

The campaign aims to recognise and acknowledge the importance of visibility and representation amongst the LGBTQI+ community, specifically in the sports sector.

“We are delighted to continue our collaboration with Sporting Pride,” said Dr Úna May, Chief Executive of Sport Ireland who features in today’s drop of the first in a new series of Sport for Business podcasts.

“Following the recent publication of our first Sport Ireland Policy on Diversity and Inclusion in Sport, campaigns such as this are an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to building a diverse, inclusive and welcoming sport sector.”

“I would like to wish Sport Ireland’s LGBTI+ staff members, athletes, participants and sports enthusiasts a Happy Pride.”

“Sporting Pride is thrilled with Sport Ireland’s support of the 2022 Let’s Get Visible Campaign,” added Alicia McConnell of Sporting Pride.

“It is a fun and engaging way to show your organisation’s support of the LGBTQ+ Community. Thank you to the 30 National Governing Bodies, 10 Local Sports Partnerships and 34 Sports Club Allies who participated last year and we strive to increase the collaboration this year.”

During the month of June Sporting Pride will have professional photographer Debbie Hickey from Sporting Pride visiting LGBTQI+ sports clubs around Ireland to photograph athletes who would like to take part in the campaign.

Sport Ireland, Sporting Pride, Bank of Ireland and Bord Gais Energy will be among the organisations participating in our Sport for Business Members Round Table of LGBTQ+ and Sport in 2022 next Tuesday morning, June 28th exploring what lessons have been learned in the past year and at what might be done in the next twelve months to make sport more welcoming and open.

“The #LetsGetVisible campaign gives all those involved in the sports sector the opportunity to show our support for the LGBTQI+ community. I encourage everyone to get involved in the #LetsGetVisible campaign,” added sport Ireland Director of Anti-Doping and Ethics at Sport Ireland, Siobhán Leonard.



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