Swim Ireland has launched a new membership category entitled ‘Me and the Water’.

The membership is aimed at attracting those for whom a regular swim has become part of their life but are not members of a particular club.

It will cater for those who consider their tribe to be the sea swimmers that have become a busy crew up and down the coast, particularly during the period of Covid.

The launch announcement was accompanied by the release of a pretty special new video that focuses on the story of four individuals that have found their solace, their special place in the water.

‘Me and the Water’ represents Swim Ireland’s ambition to ‘Get Ireland Swimming’. It’s a broad remit, but an exciting one. It is about creating a community of people, that tribe from above, who have a genuine love of swimming (and the water), and connecting them through various channels and activities.

It lets peers support each other and develop a forum where swimmers can talk swimming and help each other. The conduit for this is the new website, www.meandthewater.ie.

Annual membership for the ‘Me and the Water’ category is just €10. ‘Me and the Water’ members will be able to avail of many benefits including member-only events, monthly prizes, giveaways and will receive a specially designed ‘Me and the Water’ swim hat to connect you with the tribe.

Members will also have access to real-life stories from our tribe to inspire you in your Me And The Water journey, access to training plans, videos, tips and drills to help improve stroke and fitness levels, discounts for events and from partners.

“There’s a real buzz, it can be exhilarating to be out in the midst of the big waves,” said swimmer Siobhán Kennedy. “What draws me to the water? Well, everything, it’s magic, it’s bigger than you. You walk into the water and it takes all of your problems away, you can’t think of anything when you’re there. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t swim – it’s my solace, it’s my everything.”

Speaking at the launch, Sarah Keane, CEO of Swim Ireland said, “We want people to share their relationship with the water and afford these people the opportunity to share their story and become part of a wider community. It will be about members making and building human connections and telling us their stories as to why they love to swim. It is about the members communicating with each other and not about Swim Ireland, we are the conduit that makes it all happen.”

Now, where’s my towel?


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