Today is Olympic and Paralympic Day around the world and the Olympic Federation of Ireland is celebrating with a new campaign of video content based on the question of ‘What’s behind your Olympic dream?’

The premise is that behind every athlete there is a story. There’s that moment when the seed of belief was sown, that moment when their dream became more real, and that someone who stoked the fire.

Irish athletes will be sharing their stories on social media throughout the day.

To launch the campaign this morning, five Team Ireland Olympic medallists share what was behind their Olympic dream in today’s Daily Video.

Michael Carruth’s father, Austin, was the man in his corner throughout his boxing career, and is the person who inspired him to aspire for Olympic success from an early age, “I won my first fight and I gave my dad a big hug and I made a promise to my dad, I said I’m going to win the Olympics, for you first, and for Ireland second.”

Ronnie Delany’s coach Jumbo Elliott helped him make his career defining decision to switch to the 1500m, “The person who made the most difference was Jumbo Elliott. He paternally put an arm around my shoulder and said son, some day you will be a great miler. Now I had never run a mile at this stage. He said Ronnie run a mile when you get home.”

Throughout the day Olympians and elite athletes will be sharing the stories behind their dreams on social media using the hashtags #TeamIreland, #OlympicDay and #BehindTheDreams.

We will check in on them and share some of the highlights here on the Sport for Business social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linked In through the day.