The Premier League Social media Channels are running a special Question and Answer session on Sleep with Dr Jonny Bloomfield, once of the IRFU and someone we have worked with many times in the past on Sport for Business.
The session is being promoted to the League’s 22.1 million followers on Twitter and 37.9 million on Instagram as part of a commitment to Mental Health Week.
Bloomfield is based in Belfast where he runs Support to perform, a business helping those in business and in sport to understand their own physical and mental wellbeing and improve all aspects of their performance as a result.
He will also be running a free Zoom session entitled “24 Ways to Strengthen How to Cope” between 10 AM and 1030 AM tomorrow morning, Wednesday, May 20th.
In order to join the former, you just join on social through the day. To register free of charge for the latter simply email
There is an interesting webinar today at 12 featuring Professor Niall Moyna of DCU in conversation with Brian Cooke of Workplace Wellbeing on the subject of Healthy Living in a Changed World.
To register for this go here.
Join us this Thursday for a live Sport for Business session with the CEOs of five of the sports returning to action this week. We will be chatting with the bosses of Athletics, Golf, tennis, Rowing and Equestrian Sport to hear first hand how the return has gone, the work that went into ensuring compliance and some of the lessons learned over the first three days.
The virtual room is filling quickly and we would encourage you to reserve your spot today if you would like to join us.
Reserve your place today.

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