We are delighted to announce that Volleyball Ireland have been selected as winners of the Free Rebrand Competition we ran in partnership with Atomic Sport and Eamonn Hall Graphic Design.

The National Governing Body was selected from a large number of very deserving and considered applications and selecting the winner was not an easy task.

There were a number of factors which led us to the selection of Volleyball Ireland as the competition winner.

Firstly, the submission from Gary Stewart, General Manager at Volleyball Ireland, was extensive and considered and illustrated an ambition for the organisation and the brand that excited all those involved at the prospect of playing a part in it.

Also, in highlighting the potential of the sport in Ireland, Gary explained the diversity of participation in the sport, in particular the appeal of the sport to people who have relocated to Ireland.

We’re very much looking forward to starting the project and we will share the progress with the Sport for Business audience as we work through it in the coming months.

“It promises to give a fascinating insight into the process of creating a visual identity, the work that goes into it from both sides and how the final result is executed,” said Rob Hartnett of Sport for Businesses who was one of the judges.

“We extend our thanks to Anne McCarthy from Sport Ireland and Orla Strumble from the Irish Greyhound Board for taking part in a number of workshops to choose the winner, and of course to Rob Hartnett at Sport for Business for sharing and promoting the competition with the sporting world,” added Patrick Murphy of Atomic Sport.

This initiative was brought to life by Atomic Sport, Sport for Business and Eamonn Hall Graphic Design.

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